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About the Author of The Star Trilogy

About the Author:

           I have been a teacher since 1990 working in the Waldorf school system.  In the Waldorf schools, teachers have the opportunity to accompany a group of children through their elementary and middle school years, grades one through eight.  Part of my role as teacher is to be a storyteller.  Nearly every morning, I tell the children a story that relates to the subject we are studying.  In first grade it may be a fairy tale.  In eighth grade it may be the biography of Thomas Edison.  Every day, a new story to meet the souls of the children and fill them with powerful imaginations.

Donald is available to give presentations to schools on the creative writing process. For more information, please click on the "School Presentations" link to the left.
Click here for video of a sample talk to an elementary school in Colorado entitled: "From Inspiration to Finished Work."

Inspiration for The Star Trilogy:

            Here in the Occident, dragons are traditionally malevolent.  Bilbo’s Smaug is a classic example, and Harry Potter continues to have bruising, and at times blistering, run-ins with dragons.  The Orient, however, takes a different view.  One rare western account that inspired me was Fuchur, the optimistic Luck Dragon from Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story.

            Every year in September my school celebrates a festival called Michaelmas.  This festival marks the battle of St. Michael with the dragon.  Other traditions recognize him as St. George.  In one version of the Michaelmas story, the dragon is not killed, but tamed.  I have watched this story played out in a pageant year after year.  Every Michaelmas, I tell the children in my class the story of Michael (pronounced My-kah-el).  Then came one Michaelmas and I wanted to offer my children a different version.  Questions tickled and provoked me: How did Michael figure out how to tame a dragon?  What was his boyhood like?  What good is a tame dragon, anyway? 

            One morning I woke up and the beginning of this story was waiting to be remembered at the edge of my dreams.  As I told my children episodes over the following weeks, it took the form of Books 1 and 2 of The Star Trilogy.

 About the Story:

            The wizard Aga delivers an orphan into the care of an old woman.  She has a mysterious connection to the kingdom’s unique resident, Star, an emerald-green luck dragon.  After her death, the boy is accepted into the dragon compound where all the workers are of the nobility.  Some scorn him, but most welcome him.  The boy is simply happy to be around his beloved Star.

            One day the boy discovers that Star will obey his commands.  This uncanny influence places him in a position of trust.  Daily, all alone, he takes the dragon to the river for a scrub.  Then he discovers that Star can talk.  How the boy understands him is shrouded in the mystery of the ancient race of Dragon Tamers.  One day, Star suggests that he train the boy to fight, thus beginning a long apprenticeship.  During this time, Star reveals the Great Secret, the one that tames the heart of a wild dragon.

            After years of sparring together, their activities are discovered.  The boy is immediately exiled for inciting the dragon.  However, Aga has watched over him all these years, and now equips him with a horse and armor to begin his life as a wandering knight.


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