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The Dragon of Two Hearts

Awards For The Dragon of Two Hearts

Silver Medal Winner of the 2010
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
for Young Adult Fantasy

Silver Medal in the Mom's Choice Awards
for Fantasy, Myth, and Legends

Silver Medal winner in the 5th-6th Grades category
Austin Waldorf School Children's Choice Award

I loved the The Dragon of Two Hearts. I loved the journey of knight Michael in his dragon quest. I could not put down this adventure fantasy story.
Neshama Abraham
Writer and Mother

This book looks great, feels great, and is an entertaining and suspenseful read. It's everything a heroic fantasy novel should be!
Jim Barnes,
Moonbeam Awards Director

I hope the third book comes out soon so we can finish the trilogy while it is still age appropriate for my son. He was in 5th grade last year when we read them. The first two are both fabulous "coming of age" books with many instances that translate to the challenges kids face today like bullying and self-doubt. We very much enjoyed reading it together which is a high compliment since he prefers manga/books with lots of visual aid.
Anonymous Reader

For a quick summary of the book's essence, I offer this:
An old Indian grandfather was telling his young grandson that there is a battle between two wolves that live within you.
One wolf is evil and has anger, envy, sorrow, regrets, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, superiority, and ego.
The other wolf is good and has joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, faith, courage, honor and integrity.
The grandson asked his grandfather, "Which one wins"?
The old Indian simply replied, "The one you feed".


I just finished reading Donald Samson's book The Dragon of Two Hearts to my 10 year old daughter and my 8 year old son. It was a pleasure from start to finish! We had read The Dragon Boy (Samson's first book in this trilogy) two years ago and loved it. So we have been looking forward to this second book for some time, and it did not disappoint. It is a gripping saga in which Michael, who was a boy learning how to both fight and care for dragons in the first book, has grown into a man and a knight. In this new book Knight Michael is compelled to use is unique skills as a Dragon Master to deal with a dragon that is terrorizing the kingdom of Gladur Nock. This book also has a love story that develops (rest assured, it is perfectly appropriate for 8 and up). There were moments in the book that my children found a little bit scary, but in a good way -- certainly nothing beyond what they could handle. Samson is a wonderful writer who breaths new life into the timeless theme of dragons and knights. He deftly moves the enchanting story forward with just the right balance of detail and suspense so you want to keep reading. What is so exquisite about Donald Samson's books are the ways they appeal to the psychological realities of the adult world (as adults we have to find the courage to confront our "dragons" all the time) while also providing a wonderful story for children. For this reason, I find them the perfect read-aloud books. We can't wait for the third book!
Fiona Theodoredis

While I thought the first volume of this series was quite interesting the second book was even more fascinating. In fact, I read it in almost one sitting and now look forward to the third.
Professor Steven Leibo

Having enjoyed the tale of The Dragon Boy (a coming of age story about a boy who is initiated into Knighthood by a giant, kind, fierce and beautiful Luck Dragon), I eagerly awaited the second book in The Star Trilogy by Samson. And The Dragon of Two Hearts didn't disappoint! In fact is was an exhilarating read as you ride with the now grown Knight Michael into his greatest adventure: Coming face to face with an evil, child consuming, ferocious dragon! Along the way Michael finds an action packed path, romance, old friends and situations that require all of the skill, wits and character he has painstakingly developed, just to survive to face his destiny. With enough action to keep younger readers engaged, and enough metaphor and esoteria to fascinate adult readers, I'd recommend this one for all ages. And can't wait for number 3 to come out!

The story which you are weaving is so delicious, rich for different ages, and extremely captivating.
Griet, Selki, and Leander

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